The Czech social democrats visited Beloozersk

September 8, 2004
September 6, the delegation of the Czech social democrats visited Belooziorsk and supported the colleagues from Belarus which participate in elections to the House of Representatives. Social democrats of Czech Republic were represented in Belarus by Anna Churdova – a member of the Czech parliament and a member of the Council of Europe, the international secretary of the ruling Czech social democratic party Milash Balaban. Arrival of social democrats was also connected to desire of visitors to organize a cooperation between cities of Czech Republic and Belarus. It was informed in special fax sent to a local “vertical” on August, 30, which was addressed to the chairman of Belooziorsk’ city council of deputies V.Dombrovsky.

However, as usually, the local “vertical” didn’t find a free time for a meeting. Deputy of Belooziorsk city council, member of the MSD and the BSDP(NH) Natalia Okoronko makes comments of this situation: “In the morning on September, 6 I called to Dombrovsky and asked him to meet with the Czech delegation, he answered, that he simply does not have a free time as now he is engaged in repairing of a stadium, and it is very important problem for the city. In the last autumn when the city was visited by the Swedish delegation in the head with a member of European Parliament Sicilia Vikstrim, our mayor did not have a free time too. May be he is really a very busy person?”

The Czech visitors expressed solidarity to Natalia Okoronko, a pretender for a deputy mandate on Berioza’s election district who submitted documents to Berioza’s election commission by two ways: by means of collection of signatures and by decision of the BSDP(NH). Natalia is already under the pressure of the authorities. August 27, the chairman of Berioza’s executive committee I.Malejtin offended Natalia publicly during a plenary meeting of teachers, and he broke the law – he carried out antipropaganda, dividing candidates to good and bad, oppositional ones. The situation with infringement of the Elective code of Belarus in the Berioza’s election district № 8 was described in special paper submitted to the Minsk office of OSCE.

During the meeting with members of the BSDP(NH) and the MSD the Czech visitors discussed problems which excite voters, acquainted with the city and visited a school №1 which is situated on the territory of the election district where on March 2, 2003 Natalia Okoronko had been elected as a deputy.

Anna Churdova wished Natalia a victory on the elections. She liked the small, cosy city of Belooziorsk and open Belarus people. The only thing that remained not clear is why the local vertical is afraid of the international contacts. In fact Belarus is geographically in the center of Europe and sooner or later, it will be a full member of the European community.

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