The resolution to the citizens of Molodechno city

Dear citizens of Molodechno!

September 7, 2004, in day of mourning of the Russian people, which became as the day of grief for all people of the planet, Alexander Lukashenko had declared a referendum on a question of prolongation of his power.

The referendum is appointed to October 17 – in 40 days after the announcement.

We, representatives of the public and political organizations of the city, declare the resolute protest to changing of the constitution and laws to please separate heads.

Proceeding from the data of public opinion’s poll made by various sociological institutes and dialogue with citizens of city, we declare, that today more than 55% of the population of the country oppose A. Lukashenko’s promotions for 3-rd term, 20% were not determined yet. We are majority! The only condition for the “victory” on the referendum for the authority is a falsification of results of voting.

In this connection we make a decision – to create initiative group of citizens of the city whose purpose is informing the population on a course of the company of a referendum, the organization of observation of voting, not admitting of falsifications of the results.

More than 400 people were elected to the election commissions of the city. We know that among them the overwhelming majority are fair and decent people. Falsifications, as well as any crime, are being made by close circle of persons. Do not become the accomplices of their crime! Do not give them an opportunity to deceive you and people. We trust in your courage.

Lukashenko challenged to a society. We accept this call.

We are capable to get more votes, than the authority can falsify! Do not be outside! We call to each citizen of the city, all public organizations to join the initiative group to defend our opinion, our votes, our honor and our future together!

BNF “Adradzhenne”(Molodechno)
The European coalition “Free Belarus “(Molodechno)
United Civil Party (Molodechno)
Young social democrats (Molodechno)
Right protective center “Viasna” (Molodechno)
RPO “Belarusian Helsinki Committee “(Molodechno)

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